Thursday, October 16, 2014

Write Short notes on Remote Sensing

Write Short notes on Remote Sensing.
·        Remote sensing method used to obtain information about an object or area from distance. Like camera and other instrument collect and record this information is called sensor.
·        Remote sensing systems are often used to survey, map and monitor the resources and environment of earth.
·        Remote sensors record the electromagnetic energy of that objects radiate or reflect most familiar electromagnetic energy is light.
·        There are three types of sensors special sensor, infrared sensors and microwave sensors.
·        Special sensor also known as multispectral scanners which provides data electronically for multiple portions of electromagnetic spectrum. Mainly used for improve computer quality images and gathering information and mapping.
·        Infrared sensors records invisible electromagnetic energy like heat of object. Infrared sensors used by scientists for determine the condition of vegetation, temperature survey; locate damage underground pipelines and many things.
·        Microwave sensors are pass electromagnetic waves to object and reflected waves are recorded it is like radar system. It is collecting reflected waves and processing information from it. Mainly used for ocean navigation, mapping geological features etc.

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