Sunday, March 31, 2013 [ISSN 2320-7620]

View of Space - International Multidisciplinary Journal For Applied Reasearch (VOSIMJAR) is a monthly print-in published journal since March 2013. The aim of the journal to become a platform for researchers for publishing research papers, articles, case studies, review articles etc in all subject areas by the academicians, research scholars, corporate and practitioners with substantial experience and expertise in their respective fields. This journal is kept wide to provide platform for diversity of intellectual pursuit from all corners of the society for enrichment and enhancement of the group readers. The Journal is been published on every 15th of the month.

The journal is being published monthly and in the multiple languages and target subjects are also Multipule

Accountings, Arts, Bio-medical, Biology, Business, Commerce, Corporate Governance, Clinical Research, Designing, Economics, Education, Engineering, Finance, Financial Accounting, Fine Art, Geography, History, Home Science, Human Resource, Intellectual Property Rights, Industrial Laws, Information Technology, Journalism, Literature, Management, Marketing, Management Accounting, Medical Science, Organization Behavior, Organizational Psychology, Philosophy, Pharmaceutical Science, Political Science, Rural India, Statistics, Science, Social Sciences, etc.

In this regard, may I take this opportunity to invite Articles, Research Papers, Case Study, and Review Report for View of Space - International Multidisciplinary Journal For Applied Reasearch (VOSIMJAR) : Please send us the following on or before 10th of the month

1.Print Copy of the Paper

2.Word file of the Paper in CD(Please include Authors Name, Affiliation, Phone No, Subject on front page.)

3.Copyright Agreement Form duly sign by all the authors

4.Publication Fees in Demand Draft/Cheque at Par (Please see the Authors' Guidelines)


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