Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What Is Internet

What Is Internet ?

It seems like everything a person does today is on the internet. A person can go to school, apply for jobs, manage their money, and even meet the love of their life online. There are apps for just about everything. Many people still wonder how the internet came to be as popular as it is.
In 1962 J.C.R Licklinder came up with an idea that computers from different parts of the globe can be linked together. This would allow the sharing of information to be quick and easy. He led a research team to further develop this concept. Throughout the 1960s research was conducted at by top professors to develop this concept and how to make it a possibility. The Us Department of Defense gave contracts to companies including ARPANET to further research how to send information by using computers. This grow developed protocols on how to join separate computer network and make them one network. In the 1970s researchers were able to use communication protocols to lead to internet workng. This allows network to join each other and be able to share their information.
In 1981 the National Science Foundation funded more research the on the idea of information sharing over computers. The Computer Science Network was given funded and developed the Internet protocol suite which is now known as the IP address. At this time the supercomputer was developed which allowed researchers to use it to communicate their research findings and share educational stats with each other. In the late 1980 the development of internet service providers (isp) were used for commercial purposes. This also allowed for private connections to the internet and computers to be established. By the early 1990s businesses were able to connect to each other around the globe. By the mid 1990s the internet was set up to carry a large amount of traffic and new features were developed for personal use.
During the 1990s the internet became a cultural revolution. The average person was learning how to send and receive emails, stay in touch with instant messaging, use the internet to make phone calls, search the world wide web, and even make purchases using the computer. During this time connection to the internet was available by use of the telephone lines. Microsoft then developed their operating systems (Windows) that was easy enough for the average person to use. Over the next couple of years new developments were made to allow for high speed internet connection and fiber optic networks. Other areas of the world were also learning how to use the internet and use it for communication purposes. Even today the internet continues to grow as new developments are made.