Monday, October 20, 2014


Sub Prog. in C                                                                                  
Total : 100 Marks                                                                              Time : 3 Hours
Que-1 Attempt Following Questions (Any Four):                                           [20]
1.     Explain data types available in C language.
2.     Explain structure of C program.
3.     Explain use of break, continue and goto statements.
4.     What is user define function? Explain types of UDF.
5.     List operators available in C. Explain any two.
Que-2 Attempt Following Questions (Any Four):                                           [20]
1.     What is an array? Explain two dimensional array’s memory management.
2.     Explain entry controlled loops with an example.
3.     What is recursion? Explain with suitable example.
4.     Explain Switch…case with example.
5.     Explain conditional statement with example.
Que-3 Attempt Following Questions (Any Four):                                           [20]
1.     Differences call by value v/s call by reference
2.     What is String? Explain any three string related functions.
3.     What is Pointer? Explain pointer of pointer with example.
4.     Explain any three file handling functions.
5.  Explain command line arguments with example.
Que-4 Attempt Following Questions (Any Four):                                           [20]
1. Explain storage classes in detail.
2. Explain  C Preprocessor.
3. What is structure? Explain array within structure with example.
4. What do you mean by variable, Explain naming rules of it.
5.  Explain back slash codes with example.
Que-5 Write Following Programs (Any Two).                                                  [20]
1.     Write a program to get a string from the user and counts lowercase letter, uppercase latter, space, symbols and digit print all of them.
2.     Write a program to generate following output for N  lines.
                                                       1 0 1
                                                    1 0 1 0 1
                                                      N lines  
3.  Write a program to open a file and print and store all contexts in another file.

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