Monday, October 13, 2014

What is Object Orineted Design ? Why Object Orineted Design is importnat ?

What is OOD?
·         object-oriented design transforms the analysis model created using object-oriented analysis  into a design model that serves as a blueprint for software construction.
·         The design of object oriented software requires the definition of a multilayered software architecture, the specification of subsystems that perform required functions and provide infrastructure support, a description of objects (classes) that form the building blocks of the system, and a description of the communication mechanisms that allow data to flow between layers, subsystems, and objects. Object-oriented design accomplishes all of these things.

Why OOD is important?
·         An object-oriented system draws upon class definitions that are derived from the analysis model. Some of these definitions will have to be built from scratch, but many others may be reused if appropriate design patterns are recognized.
·         OOD establishes a design blueprint that enables a software engineer to define the OO architecture in a manner that maximizes reuse, thereby improving development speed and end product quality.
·         The unique nature of object-oriented design lies in its ability to build upon four
·         important software design concepts: abstraction, information hiding, functional independence, and modularity . All design methods strive for software that exhibits these fundamental characteristics, but only OOD provides a mechanism that enables the designer to achieve all four without complexity or compromise.

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