Thursday, October 16, 2014


SNData Warehouse (OLAP)Operational Database(OLTP)
1This involves historical processing of information.This involves day to day processing.
2OLAP systems are used by knowledge workers such as executive, manager and analyst.OLTP system are used by clerk, DBA, or database professionals.
3This is used to analysis the business.This is used to run the business.
4It focuses on Information out.It focuses on Data in.
5This is based on Star Schema, Snowflake Schema and Fact Constellation Schema.This is based on Entity Relationship Model.
6It focuses on Information out.This is application oriented.
7This contains historical data.This contains current data.
8This provides summarized and consolidated data.This provide primitive and highly detailed data.
9This provide summarized and multidimensional view of data.This provides detailed and flat relational view of data.
10The number or users are in Hundreds.The number of users are in thousands.
11The number of records accessed are in millions.The number of records accessed are in tens.
12The database size is from 100GB to TBThe database size is from 100 MB to GB.
13This are highly flexible.This provide high performance.

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