Sunday, October 12, 2014

Explain Object Oriented Testing Stretergy.

Object-Oriented Test Strategies

·         Unit Testing – components being tested are classes not modules
·         Integration Testing – as classes are integrated into the architecture regression tests are run to uncover communication and collaboration errors between objects
·         Systems Testing – the system as a whole is tested to uncover requirement errors
Object-Oriented Unit Testing
·         smallest testable unit is the encapsulated class or object
·         similar to system testing of conventional software
·         do not test operations in isolation from one another
·         driven by class operations and state behavior, not algorithmic detail and data flow across module interface
Object-Oriented Integration Testing
·         focuses on groups of classes that collaborate or communicate in some manner
·         integration of operations one at a time into classes is often meaningless
·         thread-based testing – testing all classes required to respond to one system input or event
·         use-based testing – begins by testing independent classes (classes that use very few server classes) first and the dependent classes that make use of them
·         cluster testing – groups of collaborating classes are tested for interaction errors
·         regression testing is important as each thread, cluster, or subsystem is added to the system.

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