Sunday, October 12, 2014

ADVANCE SOFTWARE ENGINEERING MSC IT & CA SEM-3 QUESTION BANK(as par syallbus of saurashtra university)

Software Engineering MSCIT Sem-3
  1. Explain object-oriented concepts with example
  2. Explain object-oriented s/w projects management in brief.
  3. Explain object-oriented paradigm with figure.
  4. Explain generic components of object-oriented analysis modal.
  5. Explain object-relationship modal with appropriate example.
  6. Write brief note on object-behavior modal.
  7. Explain domain analysis with figure
  8. Explain CRC modal index card or Explain OOA process and give brief description of CRC modal index card.
  9. Explain OOA process.
  10.    Briefly define  a)operation  b)message  c)  method  d) services  e)class 
  11.    Briefly explain how to identify classes and objects while developing oo model.
  12.    Briefly explain Booch and Rumbaugh method for OOA.
  13.    Explain the process of translating an OOA model in OOD model with diagram.
  14.    What do you mean by system design process? Explain activities involved in it.
  15.    Write short note on object-design process.
  16.    Write short note on Design Patterns,
  17.    Discuss design of object-oriented system with appropriate example.
  18.    Give the name of testing method which are applicable at class level and explain it in details.
  19.    Write brief note on testing object-oriented design and object-oriented analysis model.
  20.    What do you mean by testing context to object oriented? Explain testing strategies in context to object oriented system development.
  21.    Which is the impact of OOP on testing?
  22.    Explain fault based testing.
  23.    Explain interclass test case design.
  24.    Define the objectives of OOT correctness and consistency.
  25.    Explain the characteristics of OOM.
  26.    What are the metrics for OOD model.
  27.    Explain metrics of object-oriented projects.
  28.    Briefly explain CK metrics suite proposed by chidamber and kemerer.
  29.    Provide detail view of class oriented metrics
  30.    Describe following terms
  31. Class size   b.  NOO    c. NOA   d. SI
  32.    Specify MOOD metrics suite.
  33.    Describe operation-oriented metrics.
  34.    Explain metrics for object-oriented testing.
  35.    What do you meant by cleanroom SE? describe common approach and its strategy with figure.
  36.    What is BSS in cleanroom SE? describe types of boxes used in functional specification of cleanroom approach.
  37.    Write brief note on cleanroom SE approach.
  38.    Explain clean-room testing.
  39.    Explain design refinement and verification.
  40.    Describe statistical use testing and what its core utility?
  41.    Write short note on component based software engineering process.
  42.    Describe component qualification and component adaption.
  43.    What do you mean by CBSE? Explain different set of s/w engineering activities involved in CBSE.
  44.    Briefly explain component composition activity involved in CBSE.
  45.    Explain Domain Engineering with its identification and reusable components.
  46.    Write short note on classifying and retrieving components.

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