Thursday, October 16, 2008


 It allows network users to share files using file server for providing this kind of services.
 File services are network applications that store retrieve and move the data with the help of network file server.
 User can read write and manage files with in this server.
 Print servers are used to provide that kind of print services
 This service also allows multiple and simultaneous printing access facility.
 Network software uses printing queues which has special storage area where print jobs are stored and then sent to the printer in organized manner.
 Jobs in print queues may be forward in order to receive the print according to the priority.
 Printer can be placed anywhere in network and nay network users can use the printer.
 The data sent by the user is transfer to the network printer at network speed.
 Another print service is fax service it can be used for communication purpose.
 In this services user can fax from its own work station to any other fax machine.
 A fax machine can also work as sharing device in computer network.
 Communication server handles data flow between numbers of networks.
 It also handles the incoming and outgoing remote user and internet traffic.
 Windows NT domain controller works as communication server.
 Security starts with the login procedures to ensure that a user who is accessing the network is using its password so, that only authorized users can log on to the network.
 Login restrictions can force the user to login from a specific station and during a specific time.
 Administrative tools can be used for security service in network operating system.
 Database services are provided by the data server
 This service can provide networking with powerful database handling capabilities.
 Most database systems are based on client server architecture so that database application can run on separate components.
 The client side it provides the interface and handles less intensive functions line data request.

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