Monday, August 17, 2009


<A>…</A>   [Anchor tag]

This element is used to make hyperlink its one of the important tag of html. This tag is use to made hyperlink. Text enclosed with in this tag is became hyperlink text.

|HREF: this attribute is having address of file or bookmark by clicking over the hyperlink you can jump to that file or bookmark.

For example:  <a href=’main.html’>main page</a>

 By clicking over the text main page this link will load main.html in the browser window.

|NAME: Name attribute use for creating bookmark in the document <a name=’xyz’>xyz</a> see the text enclosed within the <A> tag is became a bookmark.

 When you have to give hyperlink to that bookmark you have to put ‘#’ before bookmark name and give as value to HREF attribute.

For example: <a href=’#xyz’>Index</a>

By clicking over the text index you will be jumped to the xyz bookmark.

|TARGET: This attribute used to set target that where the document will show mainly used when framed document is there.

|ACCESSKEY: defined keyboard shortcut.

|TABINDEX: defined tab order for the link.

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