Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Strengths of JavaScript

JavaScript offers several strengths to the programmer including a short development cycle, ease-of-learning and small size scripts. These strengths mean that JavaScript can be easily and quickly used to extend HTML pages already on the Web.
Quick Development: - Because JavaScript does not require time-consuming compilation, scripts can be developed in a relatively short period of time. This is enhanced by the fact that most of the interface features, such as dialog boxes, forms, and other GUI elements, are handled by the browser and HTML code. JavaScript programmers don't have to worry about creating or handling these elements of their applications.

Easy to Learn:-While JavaScript may share many similarities with Java, it doesn't include the complex syntax and rules of Java. By learning just a few commands and simple rules of syntax, along with understanding the way objects are used in JavaScript, it is possible to begin creating fairly sophisticated programs.

Platform Independence:-Because the World Wide Web, by its very nature, is platform-independent, JavaScript programs created for Netscape Navigator are not tied to any specific hardware platform or operating system. The same program code can be used on any platform for which Navigator 2.0 is available.

Small Overhead:-JavaScript programs tend to be fairly compact and are quite small, compared to the binary applets produced by Java. This minimizes storage requirements on the server and downloads times for the user. In addition, because JavaScript programs usually are included in the same file as the HTML code for a page, they require fewer separate network accesses.


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